Propel provides a complete range of services to enable organisations from all sectors to successfully employ people who are neurodivergent or with a learning disability. By working with Propel you will create cultural change from within, driving neuroinclusion.

We will support your business to remain compliant, reducing your risk and more importantly enable you to successfully tap into a large, talented and under-utilised resource pool.

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A 1–2 week Discovery and Gap Analysis working at a strategic level with decision makers within the business (a lead sponsor and broader representation including HR, Recruitment, Operations), to understand your current EDI and Wellbeing position in relation to supporting existing and future employees who are neurodivergent or with additional learning needs. The Neuroinclusive Assessment includes a review of existing policies, processes, and procedures, and how these are currently implemented within the business. On completion, you will receive a comprehensive Discovery Report, outlining your current position and a summary of the gaps and opportunities across the business. Included are recommendations aligned with legal obligations and best practice and a proposed timeline for remediation.

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CPD accredited training programmes

Covering all organisational levels, addressing both strategic and operational challenges that may hinder neuroinclusivity. Designed to engage and support your workforce in implementing, embedding, and empowering others throughout the organisation to make change happen, together building a more neurodiverse and inclusive workplace.

Our ‘Ambassador’ training programme is for senior leaders within your business and deals with neuroinclusion at a strategic and systemic level. The ‘Mentor’ training programme takes a more pragmatic and hands on approach. It’s tailored to hiring managers and team leaders and what it means for their role when recruiting and managing neurodivergent individuals.

Propel’s e-modules reach the wider business to ensure neuroinclusion starts in your boardroom, and ends in your postroom. Whether it’s a simple introduction to neurodiversity, line manager responsibilities, global rollout or a more specific business unit with a focus on neuroinclusive recruitment and onboarding, we can cater for all. Our e-modules can be hosted on our learning management system (LMS), your LMS, or your intranet and if preferred we can deliver via bespoke workshops, live interactive webinars or virtual classrooms.

You know your business, and we know ours; only together can we truly implement a neuroinclusive workplace culture. Post training (up to 3 months) our team will collaborate with your newly trained employees to create and execute their implementation plans, ensuring neuroinclusion across the business.

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Recruitment & out-sourcing solutions

Propel has a full range of recruitment and out-sourcing solutions to suit all business situations and budgets. We connect businesses with an untapped neurodivergent talent pool across all sectors. Employment options include direct employment, or employed by Propel and delivered as a service. We identify employment opportunities, source suitable neurodivergent talent and manage the interview and selection process.

We can recruit talent directly from our community of neurodivergent professionals or using our nationwide partnerships with schools, colleges, universities, and community youth settings (specialist and mainstream). This means we have a vast network of experienced neurominorities plus those seeking ‘early careers’ opportunities, internships, apprenticeships, and work experience.

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Ongoing support and maintenance

We'll empower you, but we won't just walk away. Propel's ongoing support and maintenance membership means after your engagement, we’re on hand to help. As a member of Propel’s community of neuroinclusive employers, you’ll have prioritised recruitment privileges, implementation advice & support, access to our learning & support hub, a quarterly forum, and newsletters with up-to-date industry developments.

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  • What’s the difference between the Ambassador and Mentor training programmes?

    Our Ambassador programme is aimed at the senior leaders within your business. This supports neuroinclusion at a strategic and systemic level, so that any key decisions that are made for the business, have neuroinclusion at the heart.

    Our Mentor training is aimed at the team leaders and managers within your business. This ensures that neuroinclusion is factored into the recruitment process, onboarding of new team members, and that the day-to-day culture of the business incorporates neurodiversity and wellbeing at its core.

  • What does EDI mean?

    EDI stands for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. It is important to have an effective EDI strategy in the workplace so that every individual who works for your business feels safe, like they belong, and are truly empowered to excel in what they do.

  • Why is EDI important to my business?

    The UK Equality Act demands legal compliance for treating everyone fairly and not discriminating against anyone, but we strongly believe this needs to go a step further and be embedded within the company culture itself. If as many employees as possible understand neuroinclusion and are able to champion the core strategies and tools we offer through Propel, the workplace and the business bottom line will reap the rewards.

  • How do I know which service is the right one for my business?

    We offer a range of services from our Neuroinclusive Assessment, to Training Programmes and Recruitment Solutions. We often recommend starting with the assessment so we can work with you and your team in recognising what changes need to be made to be legally compliant, and support you with recommendations and a plan for remediation.

    From here, many businesses opt for one of our CPD accredited training programmes and access to our e-learning modules for their workforce. These options really help to embed the core principles into your workplace and allow your employees to champion neuroinclusion from the ground up. If you’re unsure where to start you can Contact Us to discuss your business requirements.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of our services depends on the service chosen and the scale of support required. These start from £1,500 for our interactive workshops. Please Contact Us to request a bespoke quote for your business needs.

  • What’s included within the e-modules?

    The e-modules inform and guide your employees on the principles of neuroinclusion and help them understand more about neurodiversity and learning disabilities. Our interactive modules can be worked through and completed at the learner’s own pace, both at the introductory and people management level. They form a solid foundation for embedding a neuroinclusive workplace culture, especially when paired with our Ambassador and Mentor training programmes.

  • Can I go straight to the Recruitment Support service?

    We would recommend starting with some of the foundational services we offer first, so that your business and the neurodiverse individuals you will be employing in the future, are set up for success. There may be some core fundamentals that have been overlooked which might reduce your chances of a successful employee onboarding and integration process. Once you are happy that you have everything in place, we would be thrilled to support you with accessing this untapped pool of talent, to really propel your business forward.

  • Will our recruitment and onboarding process need to change, in order to be neuroinclusive?

    A lot of the adjustments that might need to be made are very small and are often just things that neurotypical people don’t consider when it comes to the recruitment process. There may be a few adjustments that will have a cost attached, but the average cost of all workplace adjustments for a neurodiverse individual or someone with a learning disability, is only £75!

  • Are the consultations and training programmes carried out in-person or remotely?

    Our training and consultancy can be delivered in person (at one or multiple work sites) or via our virtual classrooms. Often clients prefer a mix of both, including large scale workshops alongside online webinars and E-Learning.

  • What is meant by ‘learning disability’?

    A Learning Disability refers to people who have a reduced intellectual ability and may have difficulty with everyday activities (Mencap). Some people with conditions such as Down’s Syndrome or Autism can have a learning disability, but the diagnosis is specific to the individual.

  • What is meant by ‘neurodiversity’?

    Neurodiversity refers to individuals who experience and interact with the world around them in different ways. There is no ‘right’ way and these neurodiverse individuals achieve greatness because they think differently, not in spite of it.

    Neurodiversity covers a broad range of people (1 in 7 people are neurodiverse), but some of the most common types include: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, ADD, Autism (ASD), Down’s Syndrome, Tourettes, Dyscalculia.