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We aim to create a positive experience for everyone involved in our programmes, events and activities. Whether you are one of our Propel Champions, Mentors, a local partner, or a participant or spectator at one of our events programmes, we endeavour to get things right. However, should we fall short of expectations, we give everyone the opportunity to feed this back to us.

Our aim is to deal with complaints in a fair and timely manner, and address any issues you might have to the best of our ability. Complaints can be raised by completing the contact form above. Alternatively, you can communicate by letter, phone, or email. The complaint can be written or if the individual prefers, they can tell someone at Propel, or someone else who will write it down for them. The complainant will need to sign it. The complaint should include the complainants name and address, the nature and date of the complaint, and how they want to see it resolved.

Complaints should be marked Private & Confidential and sent:

Upon receipt of the complaint, Propel will aim to acknowledge the complaint in writing or by phone within 7 working days and will aim to resolve the complaint within 10 working days. If this target of 10 days cannot be met, you will be informed of the delay, the reason for the delay, and the new target for responding.


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