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Placing neurodivergent individuals into meaningful employment by transforming ‘traditional’ recruitment methods and ensuring retention and career development, is what lights our fire. Propel’s team are committed to reversing the dire neurodivergent unemployment stats and high rates of anxiety, depression and suicide.

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  • 21.7%
    of autistic people are in employment
  • 4.8%
    of UK adults with learning disability are in employment
  • 65%
    of neurodivergent people don’t disclose their condition at work for fear of discrimination
  • 35%
    more productive workforce
  • 1 in 7
    people are neurodivergent
  • 11%
    better employee retention rate

We believe people with differences do not need to be fixed; they need support and accommodation instead.

It can be easier for companies to simply ‘box tick’, however, we believe we need to take a more thoughtful and detailed approach and give everybody the right to work. All our team is, or has lived experience with, disability and neurodivergence.

We don’t need to change the neurodivergent
person, we need to tweak our workplace environments so these outstanding
individuals can thrive. Neurodivergent people need to be afforded the same
opportunity to work as neurotypicals, and ‘traditional’ practices to recruit,
retain and develop employees, needs to be updated. Future business leaders will expect it.

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We’re proud of our differences too

Neuroinclusion is always at the heart of what we do, it’s not just an ‘add-on’ for us. Propel prides itself on being a neurodivergent and learning disability centre of excellence.

With over 40 years of experience, our leadership team comes from the world of business, and has in-depth and relevant knowledge of the employer/employee relationship. This coupled with years of both, lived, and accredited neurodivergence/learning disabilities experience, makes us the frontrunner for neuroinclusion in the corporate space.

Propel began in 2017 under our charity The Mason Foundation whereby we helped teachers and support staff to prepare neurodivergent young people with the transition to working life.

Our USP is our content, which has been created with NATSPEC college specialists and students. We work closely with the DWP, as a trusted contributor to the Buckland Autism Review, and The Social Recruitment Advocacy Group toolkits. We’re a preferred partner with UK wide schools and colleges and connect businesses with an untapped neurodivergent talent pool.

We are not for profit, all net profit is reinvested nationally into local community programmes for health and wellbeing, and specifically neurodivergent and learning disabilities employment.

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Neurodivergent individuals and those with a learning disability represent all EDI identities

Here at Propel, we believe it’s important to foster a culture of intersectionality in everything we do. We know your existing and future stakeholders, employees and customers, will identify across many diverse categories. By valuing and promoting this diversity, we can support you to embed a truly inclusive workplace culture, where everyone can thrive.

What clients are saying

    We are extremely grateful for the dedicated support from the Propel team towards our Social Recruitment Advocacy Group (SRAG). Propel have regularly attended our interactive networking meetings and virtual lunch & learn sessions, offering expertise and clarity to fellow attendees. In particular, we are indebted to Propel for their input to our upcoming Employer Toolkit that focuses on supporting candidates who are Neurodivergent. We look forward to working with the Propel team in 2024 and beyond!

    Comprehensive training – there is a big taboo around Learning Disability regarding fears of not being inclusive. Propel gave ideas about overcoming barriers rather than just accepting they are there.

    Loved the training and feel there is a need for all to have an understanding. Giving students the tools to progress with life skills.

    The training provided a new way of thinking. I enjoyed the training, it opened my eyes to a lot of things in my own life, that I need to change.

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